Tom Edward Davis
Tom Edward Davis


My first wood working project came out of a need for a desk and lack of simple cheap designs availble.

I am currently working on a collection of simple home furniture that is quick to build and uses cheap materials.

Shenley Studios

I’m a musician and freelance sound engineer. I’ve been recording at Shenley Studios for 2 years. I’ve recorded and mixed all sorts of music from folk to metal to opera to psychedelic rock.

Stuck In The Mudpie

This is Bob.
He makes audio electronics, the most recent being a guitar pedal called ‘The Mudpie’.
I shot a video for the song 'Stuck In The Mudpie' which is loosely about going to space to find
a rock and bringing it back to earth.
This is the first video I've made.
I shot it using an old Cannon 550D.
The low budget meant that we had to be creative when choosing the shots.
There was a lot of paper mache props and a skateboard dolly.

Have a look through the links on the side to see and hear my work.